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Dive Into Vintage Trifari History

Today's blog explores the history of vintage Trifari jewelry. Trifari was founded by Gustavo Trifari in 1910. Over time, Trifari collaborated with renowned designers such as Alfred Phillippe, who was associated with Trifari from 1930 to 1968. Authentic Trifari jewelry is marked with "Trifari", "KTF" or Trifari TM". Some pieces are also marked with "Trifari Pat. Pend" or simply "Pat". A copyright symbol can be found on jewelry from the 1970's-1980's. The materials commonly used in Trifari jewelry include rhodium and gold plating, Lucite and enamel, faux pearls, and gemstones. The main eras for Trifari jewelry are 1910-1930, 1940-1960, and 1970s onwards. Our featured video is by Michelle's Vintage Jewelry, featuring some stunning Trifari peices.

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