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Jewelry Care Tips

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

1) Store jewelry away from direct sunlight. Jewelry that absorbs light can actually catch fire.

2) Placing a piece of chalk in your jewelry box will absorb moisture and chemical residue.

3) Don't layer bangles. The friction of them clanging can cause chips and wear them down.

4) Moisture, humidity, chlorine and saltwater are bad for silver's and Gold's.

5) Rubber will cause silver to tarnish.

6) Remove jewelry before strenuous activities. Your sweat and natural oils will diminish the brilliance.

7) Don't wear rings in cold water. Cold temps cause your fingers to shrink and your rings to fall off.

8) Put jewelry on after bathing, applying lotion, perfume or hairspray. The ingredients in these products can cause build up and damage.

9) Knotted jewelry needs to be re-strung every 3 to 4 years. Dirt and body oils get trapped in the fibers and weaken the chord.

10) Don't expose jewelry to lotions and oils.

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