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The Origin 0f My Adventure in Vintage

On my 21st birthday my aunt gave me a gift that gave rise to my desire to utilize vintage and recycled materials in my creations. Unable to purchase anything for me, she sat me down and showed me her collection of jewelry. She had an array of stunning vintage pieces and I was in awe of how beautiful everything was. She told me to choose what I wanted and I was in heaven! For years, when I wore the pieces I chose, people would stop me and ask where I found them. Thus began my love affair with vintage.

As time passed, I became interested in preserving the earth's resources, thus becoming an avid recycler. I chose to combine my love of vintage jewelry and my desire to recycle to create my own unique collection.

90% of what I make is done so with both new and recycled materials. I love to take vintage pieces, clean and restore them, then use them to make new pieces. Finding these materials is like a treasure hunt for me. Using them to create new jewelry is an artistic expression. It is that passion that led me to birth Amberlayne Creations!

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